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nuri:jane was born on the 12th of may 2012 in Berlin / Germany

and grew up in the dschungels of Berlin, Düsseldorf, Canary Islands, India, Cabella / Italia , Istanbul / Turkey etc.

The music is composed, arranged, played  and sung by the music duo and band. nuri:jane understands itself as a melting point between west (jazz / pop / rock / electronic / soul / 70ies / house / classic / zwölftonmusik) and ancient east influences (turkish / indian / african / world music).

Mira Jane (singer- songwriter / composer) born in Germany with German, Irish, US-American, Dutch, Polish and native Indian roots. She studied in New York (Singing, acting and Filmmaking/ Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute) and in India (Indian Music Therapy /Dr. Arun Apte and Yoga and Mediation Teacher Certificate/ Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre Kerala).

Nuri Ayhan Doger (producer, singer-songwriter, composer, musician: guitar, bass, piano, saz, oud, drums, cajon, synthesizer, acoustic design)  is born in Istanbul/Turkey and grown up in Germany. Since the age of five he is stumbling over music instruments, because of the love for music in his familiy and later on in his Freundeskreis. He also spent time in universities and is freelancing as an IT-consultant.

At the end of 2015 the first songs from their new album”aslan eats jane” were released.

The  music videos “you in me”, if the sun”  and “wonderful b” are out now.



28.12.2015 Köln-Kalk / Germany

18.01.2016 London / UK

18.02.2016 Istanbul / Turkey

18.03.2016 New York / USA

22.04.2016 Vancouver / Canada

18.05.2016 Rio de Janeiro / Brasil

18.06.2016 Shanghai / China

18.07.2016 Neu-Delhi / India

28.08.2016 Moskau / Russia

30.09.2016 Roma / Italy

10.10.2016 Kairo / Egypt

19.11.2016 Tehran / Iran

21.12.2016 Dakar / Senegal